Digital working capital solutions for small businesses in emerging markets


Key figures

$528 mln

Loans originated in Kazakhstan

$17 mln

Monthly origination

2 min

Approval time for new clients

2.2 mln

User applications processed in 3 years


Clients acquired monthly


We design simple, hassle-free digital lending products that help small business owners free up their working capital – whether it’s to pay invoices, purchase stock, hire more staff or expand premises.

Revolving credit lines

Up to $20,000

Installment loans

Up to $30,000
for 1-5 years

Short-term working capital solutions.

Up to $5,000
for 120 days


We run our operations on a fully
proprietary software platform.
This gives us:


We develop specific features and capabilities roadmaps based on our business objectives rather than third parties’ requirements.


We tailor all functions and features to our business needs and can promptly modify them should our priorities change.


We use agile approach to software development. This allows us to build, modify and maintain our platform at any time, ensuring prompt support and high-quality implementations.


We are independent from third party vendors and can ensure that our platform is stable and uses the most up-to-date security protocols to protect our business and clients.


We process large data arrays and use machine learning mechanisms and artificial intelligence.


Our narrow AI allows risk officers building, testing, and validating advanced credit scoring models.

Document recognition

We use general-purpose computer vision model for documents recognition. It is based on a set of several neural networks, each of them specializes in one type of an object to allow processing documents more accurately.

Client service automation

A self-learning chatbot interacts with users and provides them with information on our products, individual recommendations, and financial prudence.
Information is processed based on statistical matches covering a wide range of FAQs. Machine learning technology enables the chatbot’s number of answers to increase daily.

Our impact

Our impact

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  • Finance for SMEs involved
    in agriculture

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    Literacy Programs

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    and Culture

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  • Boris Batin

    Boris Batin


    • 15+ years of work experience in banking
    • Previously held various senior positions at Deutsche Bank, Renaissance Capital and RBS in London
    • Graduated from Cambridge University with a degree of Master in Economics
  • Alexander Dunaev

    Alexander Dunaev


    • 15+ years of experience in banking & finance
    • Previous experience: Deutsche Bank, London
    • Holds Chartered Financial Analyst degree
    • Graduated from Imperial College London with MSc Finance degree
  • Konstantin Barabanov

    Konstantin Barabanov

    Group CEO

    • 15+ years of professional experience in finance in CIS and the UK
    • Hold various positions in Deloitte, ex-head of IFRS reporting and financial analysis at Bashneft
    • MS degree in Economics from the Russian State University for the Humanities. Pursued MBA at the London Business School in 2015
  • Anna Maximova

    Anna Maximova

    CEO SME Lending

    • 15+ years of experience in largest banks in Kazakhstan
    • Held senior roles in Eurasian Bank, KAZKOM with focus on SME
    • MBA from RFCA Academy (joint program with Comenius University in Prague) Graduated from Kokshetau University
      (Law school, Physics and Maths faculty)
  • Shukhrat Sadyrov

    Shukhrat Sadyrov

    Independent Director,
    Member of Supervisory Board

    • 20+ years of work experience in largest banks in Kazakhstan
    • Ex-Deputy Chairman at Eurasian Development Bank, also held various senior positions at Sberbank, Halyk, Temirbank, ATF Bank
    • MS in Finance and Management. Graduated from Cranfield School of Management (UK), al-Farabi Kazakh National University

with us

2023, MFO OnlineKazFinance JSC, the License for microfinance activities No. 02.21.0004.M. issued on March 06, 2023